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Fogging For Roaches Is No Magic Trick

The Trick

Cockroach foggers are marketed as a quick and easy solution to make your roach problem disappear. Foggers are aerosol dispensers designed to be placed in the center of the room and spray pesticide into the air. The droplets remain suspended for a period of time, and then settle on all room surfaces, covering countertops and kitchen appliances with toxic chemicals. They do kill all exposed insects, but fail to reach where they nest site is.


The room must be evacuated when the foggers are used and aired out thoroughly afterwards, because the chemicals suspended in the air present significant health risks. All food preparation areas must be thoroughly cleaned.

What You Don't See

As a result of fogger use, insects and cockroaches simply change where they nest and eat. They seek areas with low air movement, such as under the weather stripping on a door, the cracks between cabinets, and behind appliances.

Do It Safely

A pest control professional can safely and effectively treat for cockroaches, eliminate the pests where they live, and apply a barrier to prevent their return. Budget Bugs provides the most affordable and effective treatment. Try us, you'll like it.


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