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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

It's probably not your not your fault. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can be picked up virtually anywhere. lockers, public transportation, hotel rooms, movie theaters, schools and just about any place people go. 

Budget Bugs Has a variety of services for the treatment and control of bedbugs that fits your needs and your budget.

Room Prep needed :

For heat treatments Remove Candles, Crayons, Oil Paintings, Aerosol Cans, and Medications.  

Bag all loose clutter on floor, May Have to bag clothes if room is to packed must have air flow, Best used when units are sparse

>Heat Treatment: A chemical free room treatment for the removal of bedbugs. The room is actively monitored and heated to temp for 8 hours to eliminate bed bug pests.

>Chemical Control: Is Specific treatment of items, such as beds or sofas are chemically treated to eliminate the bed bugs. 

>Removal of furniture with a history of repeated infestations.

>Monitors are a great way to insure that recurring infestations are promptly treated.

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