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For heavy infestations, typical pest control treatments, particularly roaches and bed bugs, involve saturating areas with toxic chemicals designed to flush out and kill these pests.  Because almost all treatments do not penetrate egg capsules, this process must be repeated 2-3 times over a period of weeks.  Failure to schedule follow up treatments usually results in re-infestation with higher populations. 


However, BudgetBugs exclusive heat treatment process is effective in stopping the spread of cockroach populations, the elimination of bed bugs, and their eggs. Our chemical free room treatment raises the room temperature to 120 degrees for 8 hours. The room is actively monitored during the period and eliminates these pests in many places chemicals cannot be used or can penetrate: mattress core, sofas, and sofa cushions, underneath carpets, between flooring boards to name just a few.


Do It Once and your done. Thermal heat treatment of one room (400 square feet or less). All fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches are eliminated in one day.
Heat Treatment-Cockroach Elimination
8 hr
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