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Angry Birds Classic - The Game that Revolutionized Mobile Gaming - Get the APK Here

With this game, play through the challenging and a physical gameplay for hours. Moreover, each level of the Angry Birds needs not only skill bit logic and force for solving it. You will need to drag and tap your finger on the screen to aim and launch birds out of a giant slingshot. The aim is to collapse the structures and destroy the monkeys and pigs that are hidden on and inside them. At the start of the game, the structures are less complicated and easy to break. But as the game progresses different materials reinforce the structures such as Ice, wood, and rock. Which makes the game interesting and hard.

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The game involves shooting the mean pigs that have stolen the eggs of angry birds. The pigs are shot by using different weapons and buffs given to angry birds. The beautiful graphics of this game are very eye-catching and different levels of the game keep people engaged.

In this game the player has to retrieve the most loved eggs of the Angry Birds from the mean pigs as the eggs have been stolen. The survival of the angry birds is at risk There are different birds with features unique to one another. The player has to choose any bird of their choice and fight with the mean pigs to get the eggs back as the game proceeds, the pig shows up with Different defense mechanisms and the player has to identify the weak points of the pigs.

The game offers different birds with distinctive powers so that the player can apply their strategies and worse perspectives at different levels a player can choose a bird according to the strategy before each match there are certain attacks that a player can use to explore the entire construction or are To reach the delicate points To bring down the defense of the pigs

During the game the player gets Exciting and amazing powerups and buffs that he can use to enhance the explosive capability or penetrating powers of the birds. The player has to use these bulbs with extreme Intelligence as he will not get another chance to use them.

Angry Birds Epic throws the world's most popular birds into medieval combat in this RPG battle game. It's an interesting departure for Angry Birds, but does it really bring anything new to a well-trodden game genre?

The grunts, giggles, and groans of pigs and birds that accompany the combat are in keeping with the previous Angry Birds games. This will delight or irritate you - depending on your opinion of the game series as a whole.

Angry Birds Roost, was an Angry Birds app for the Nokia Lumia (with Windows Phone OS) released back in September 2012. It allowed you to view Angry Birds videos, news, games and it allowed you to download Angry Birds Ringtones and Wallpapers. An exclusive feature to the app was the Angry Cam which allowed you to take pictures with some Angry Birds characters. The original download link was: -us/store/app/angry-birds-roost/88f35e52-8fc1-4afb-acfa-fcdf, but has since been taken down most likely due to the partnership ending and the declining popularity of the Windows Phone OS.

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