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Ilya Drozdov
Ilya Drozdov

E Stim Mp3 Files [Extra Quality]

this stim file is long, intense, and unpredictable. basically, a second record is made of the same "hit" but with a slightly different time delay to create a dichotic version. this is very effective for stimulating one side of the brain while the other is being stimulated in an opposite direction. thus, it can bring about opposite responses. the shorter versions can be set to a faster stim rate and used for making shorter clips. it will also create an inverted version if you set the drop-out frequency to a low value.

E Stim mp3 files

Download File:

space mary's story is a heart-wrenching story about a space shuttle astronaut who has been reassigned to a different space mission. with 2 versions: the high-quality version with the original voice and the low-quality version with the new voice to fit into the protracker format. the result is a higher quality version because the compression settings for the protracker version is altered to suit the voice

these two files will give you a richer and fuller sound, smoother sound, more pitch changes, a "spoken as word" sound effect, and with the adjusted setting on your computer, you can experience how the filters work. the bottom one (version 2.0) includes the original spoken tracks along with the 2.0 version with the filters. if you are more comfortable with the original version, you can click the link of the "original" to download that version. both files will sync at the same time when you double click to play. both files are in apple protracker format so you will need protracker 1.3 and above to play them.

audacity's protracker module is a free plugin which allows you to quickly generate and edit music files using the audacity software on a mac or pc. these music files can be shared quickly and easily among auditors. (you can also edit and improve them yourself.) the protracker format uses all of the flexible editing features of audacity as well as the automation of ableton and the specialized editing capabilities of the kontakt software. these flexible features allow you to make your own variation on the waves library, and only a handful of clicks are needed to generate and edit each track. protracker is supported on almost all major platforms including mac os x, windows, linux, android, ios and ios devices. the only exception is apple products, which do not support the protracker format.


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