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Wagamama Recipe Book Free Download __EXCLUSIVE__

your guide to modern nourishment - the wagamama way. fresh favourites, balanced bowls + soulful staples - all designed to be made mindfully. cook quick midweek meals + slow-cooked ramens. iconic classics like katsu curry and yaki soba. plus, plant-based bowls such as kare burosu ramen + yasai itame. our latest cookbook is here to help you stay nourished. from bowl to soul

Wagamama Recipe Book Free Download

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We at IAPWA are concerned by the negative effects animal agriculture has on the welfare of the Earth and all its inhabitants. As a result, we decided to create this recipe booklet and collaborate with celebrities and influencers who are using their platforms to promote a more compassionate and sustainable world. These contributors have shared their favourite plant-based recipes* with us, along with a description of why they decided to go vegan. Our goal is that you will give these recipes a try and realise that eating vegan is not only the compassionate and sustainable thing to do, but it is super tasty too!

This soothing, warming comfort-food in a bowl comes from Wagamama Feed Your Soul. While this is not an entire book of low FODMAP recipes, it is a book packed with Asian-inspired recipes, many of which are readily adapted to our low FODMAP lifestyle.

True to the 'positive eating, positive living' ethos of Wagamama's idiosyncratic chain of noodle restaurants, this official collection of recipes shares the secret of the hallmark culinary minimalism that has won it instant cult status worldwide. The distinctive Wagamama flavour originates from the traditional 200-year-old ramen (noodle) shops of Japan which guarantee nourishment with ingredients that cleanse and nurture the mind and body. Suitable for meat-eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike, the 120 recipes have been specially created by the people behind Wagamama's unique house style and concentrate on cooking fresh, quality ingredients in a way that retains maximum flavour and nutrition. With mouth-watering recipes for appetisers and side dishes, hearty soups and stir-fries, and exotic sweet-rice desserts and juices, plus hints and tips on ingredients, equipment, cooking techniques and structuring a meal, this unique collection means that the stylish Wagamama experience is now yours to take home.Whether you want to impress the health-conscious dinner guest or simply feed family and friends good, wholesome meals, this book allows you to recreate the best of Japanese cooking with a selection of delicious, low-fat, one-pot meals which are easy on your time and budget as well as your waistline.


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