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Peter Kazakov

Download Sail Out Mixtape Jhene Aiko

The same song that Aiko provides, with her high school-era voice, is now Aiko provides to the sampled version on Sail Out, which places a fully formed artist under the expert hat of a newer and better version of her for a track. But she does so in a way that makes sense: everyone else is ultimately too obvious. Drake is Drake and Miguel is himself, creating a rhythmic landscape that makes sense for a song that a 10 year old will connect with but which a 30 year old will still find freshly interesting. The same is true for Aiko: there are few artists quite like her, and those who did (Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah) become vastly more interesting the more her voice became her biggest weapon. Thats what makes Sail Out so surprising and incredible: not just that it works as a genuine pop record, but that it works as an unlikely one for a genre that thrives on familiarity.

download sail out mixtape jhene aiko

I signed to Epic / TUG as a 12 year old child, and asked to be released from both companies at the age of 16 to finish high school. I escaped the made up world of Hollywood to experience the natural beauty of the real world. I am a writer, so I never stopped writing. I am a singer, so I never stopped singing. I am a student of life, so I never stopped learning and experiencing. Shortly before I conceived my daughter, I stepped back into the field and took a meeting with a label head. In this meeting, I was innocently told, to sell yourself when walking into these meetings. Thats when I decided I would sail my self rather than sell my self. About a year and a half later. I conceived my second child sailing soul(s), with the amazing Los Angeles based producers, Fisticuffs. sailing soul(s) is my first of many offerings to any and everyone who will listen and pay attention. The message is a simple one: love yourself in this moment, love this moment, know this moment as truth be this moment sail youre soul dont sell youre soul its the only thing we can take with us, where ever it is we go Souled Out out now to be continued by Jhen Aiko


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