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Ilya Drozdov
Ilya Drozdov

Mixvibes Cross Dj Timecode Vinyl

Mixvibes' specific version Cross, is a vinyl emulation software which allows traditional turntable Vinyl and CD integration, bringing in timecode control and allows DJs to mix and scratch their digital audio files.This product is used throughout the turntable and scratch DJ community. The software allows manipulation and playback of digital audio sources using traditional vinyl and turntables. This provides DJs with a platform to scratch or beat match their tracks without losing the genuine vinyl/CD feel.

Mixvibes Cross Dj Timecode Vinyl

Whether you're new to DJing or simply looking to upgrade from a more traditional set-up, it's likely that you've already heard of digital DJ software Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro 2. Available on Mac and PC and compatible with a range of hardware, from timecode vinyl to all-in-one controllers, TRAKTOR provides novices and pros alike with a solid digital DJ package. Affordable, user-friendly, and with a host of big name DJs using the software, it's fair to say that TRAKTOR has certainly played its part in pushing DJing into the mainstream.

A typical DVS setup requires two timecode records or CDs, as well as a soundcard. Timecode vinyl is available for purchase from our shop. Cross is compatible with any soundcard that works on your computer.

You may wonder why the timecode signal in the screenshots looks like a analog signal instead of a "lollypop chart".Digital vinyl scratch system work with digital signals, not analog ones, right?And you'd be right, it's just that most audio tools (like Audacity) show a wave instead of individual samples by default.

If we look at the timecode signal, we can see that each cycle of the timecode signal has two zero crossings:At the start of the cycle, when the positive part of the wave starts and in the middle of the cycle when the negative part of the wave starts.

We can now detect the pitch by comparing the expected number of samples between zero crossings with the actual number of samples between them.This very simple, low latency pitch detection algorithm works because the Serato timecode has a fixed frequency of 1000 Hz, which means that the distance between all zero crossing is fixed.It would not work with a regular music signal, which has lots of different frequencies added together.

For the right channels it's the opposite.After the right channel crossed zero and the left is negative and the right is positive or if the the right is negative and the left is positive, the timecode is playing forwards.If both waves are positive or both are negative, the record is playing backwards.

MixVibes control vinyl record are designed to be tough and precise. They include a high frequency timecode allowing the best control of the track position and detect every movement you will do. This ultra-accurate time code record weight 124 g and is one-minute split. Switching on DVS software on Master Tempo mode enable you to mix and scratch in master tempo mode.


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