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Everett Rodriguez
Everett Rodriguez

HACK Quickload Database Update CD V3.8

With hunting a favourite pastime here at Pack Hacker HQ, we wondered what the most efficient way to store a hunters gear would be. Would it be to drape a massive poncho over the top of their pack, or would a traditional rifle case suffice?

HACK Quickload Database Update CD v3.8


I had the team compile a list of all the permanent stats that were altered in patches since the last quickload and put them into an excel sheet so they could be easily referenced if needed. Also included in the sheet was the date of each patch.

Before the server had a chance to come back up we pulled all the quickload database entries for the past 10 years and set them up in a spreadsheet. We took a look at the date and ranking of every entry and then created a big table for all of the entries in the quickload database. By matching entries up, we were able to eliminate duplicates. By setting up a list of every potential date that we thought would match up with an entry in the quickload database, we were able to sort through the list and find the exact date that the entry was first uploaded.

Steam is the best platform for people to get their games on. At Pack Hacker, were all about convenience and it puts players at ease when they know that they can use their most played games on the biggest gaming platform out there. We designed The Big Horn to be a breeze to play on Steam.

Each update is created to be an easy install. Files are only ever copied from the CD/DVD and reinstalled. If updates are being installed to a USB drive instead, the programs database is generally updated via the CD/DVD. Since the database file is typically only 1-3MB, an SSD can be used to update the database directly from the drive. Its also critical to know that any USB drive that is created from an ISO or other file, will be slower than a physical CD/DVD drive. This is because the ISO or other file will require additional processing to emulate the CD/DVD drive.


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