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Jeremiah Torres
Jeremiah Torres

Psyvariar Complete Edition \/\/FREE\\\\

There a 6 stages in each game. After completing Stage 1 (Area 1), player can choose the area within the higher numbered stage to be completed. More difficult (and higher-scoring) areas become selectable only if the fighter's level reaches the requirement before choosing next stage.

Psyvariar Complete Edition

In Normal mode, there are 4-8 stages in each game, depending on the fighter's level. In addition to the branching system in Psyvariar -Medium Unit-, After completing area 2, 3, or 4 stage with very high fighter level, the next stage becomes a danger stage (Area X), where the type of X-area depends on fighter's level. An X-area can only be played 1 time per game, with easier X-area played first. After completing an X-area stage, the next selectable stage is a higher numbered area (if one remains). If the 3rd X-area stage (stage 7) is completed with sufficient fighter level, the next stage is Area X-D. If a sufficiently high fighter level is not achieved the game will end after stage X-B.

If a stage is completed with only 1 credit, not only the high score of the area is saved, but also the replay for that area, providing the score for that area is higher than previous record. Once a replay for that area is saved, it becomes available in Replay mode.

Area XX stage can only be played by completing Area X-D in replay mode. Once X-D has been completed, all Area XX stages become selectable. The Area XX stages are similar in design to their Area X counterparts but they have an increased number of enemies that fire denser bullet patterns.

Two special editions were also available in Japan. The Special Sound Box included an audio CD of the game's soundtrack, and the Special Capture Box included a gameplay DVD of both games being fully completed by expert players. The PlayStation 2 versions of the individual games were later released separately as budget range titles.

In the game, the human race has been exiled out of the solar system, and now live a peaceful existence under the watchful eye of the GUIS AI. Unfortunately a recent super nova has caused the AI to go out of control, and threatens to use the same weapons and defensive capabilities that kept humanity alive in outer space to completely destroy them.

If you're interested in trying this one out for yourself, the import route is likely the only way to go, since no American publisher is going to touch Psyvariar with a ten-foot pole. Look out for the two special editions -- one comes with a soundtrack CD of the game's trancey shooter tunes, while the other includes a DVD of strategy movies. This is hardly a shooter for the ages, but it's a nice one for an age when it's almost alone in the market.

There are some games that take games to another level and there are some that improve mechanics of a game system. I found this game by complete accident. This one has the same groundbreaking and innovative game system as Ikaruga. I played Ikaruga for the Gamecube and Dreamcast, and I was like "There will never be any shmup as good as this one." I thought I would never find a shmup that I would like more than Ikaruga. You don't have to have super cat like reflexes to enjoy this game and most casual gamers should pick up the system quite easy. This game yet short has all the factors of making it a classic and well sought after. THE STORY: ??

The games has a lot for you to get used to, as far as I can tell there is no unlockables. A faithful NAOMI Board port. The buzz will keep you coming back to see if you can get over your last biggest buzz score. The highest I've got is about 256, that's just the first stage, and the buzzes don't carry over to your next lives either or next stage. If fails in the 2 player department, think of the insanity. Unlike Ikaruga, you don't have to worry about who is getting the combo, every one can get a buzz off one bullet multiple times. The music and the visual should keep you coming back for more, after playing this game you might be compelled to go pick up the Soundtrack (Import Only). The Eye candy keep me coming back and the music was just a great mix with the visuals. I don't see why this game will not fit next to Ikaruga, Bangai-0, and Giga-Wing. It has all the innovations that keep people coming back. Whether it be the combo system of Ikaruga, the weirdness of Bangai-O, or the massive skills and points of Giga-Wing, you should be coming back to this for more. This is the title that seems to have a cult fallowing, it has 4 ports of the arcade edition and a original soundtrack. At least in Japan. FINAL VOTE AND REMARKS: 9 The game as far as I can tell is a 100% complete port of NAOMI arcade machine. This games gets support overseas like a mad man. Its being made for the current consoles, XBOX and PS2. The Dreamcast even after 5 yrs can still keep up with this game. The whole buzz factor can get annoying at times but the games replayability and music makes up for the annoying factor. The games is well polished, I noticed no flaws or slow down and it has fast load times with the Dreamcast. The controls for the DC seem to be very well done and very responsive. The XBOX will be the original port with limited XBOX live Support and the PS2 has the Complete Edition (out now) and Psyvariar 2: Ultimate Final will follow this. I'm think that Success will end the series with the Ultimate Final. If you can find it at a reasonable price pick it up, DC, PS2, or XBOX, it shouldn't matter. There has been no word of an American release, we can hope that the XBOX/PS2 version will take off fast in Japan and we will see it here. If this review doesn't satisfy you hunger, go Google.

The Limited Edition version comes with a foil, chrome coverwrap variant - exclusive to the Dispatch Games Online Store and also contains a PC-based digital download code for the complete video game soundtrack! This version will NOT be available at retail. 041b061a72


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