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Ruslan Chernov
Ruslan Chernov

Reloop Mixage Asio Driver Download _BEST_

an extra usb-to-adat adapter which plugs into the mixage and the usb port is provided. this means that the mixage can load and save in adat format and you can connect the mixer directly to a firewire box. this adapter comes with an sd card reader to load and save cds. the mixage can also load and save cds as mp3 or wav format.

Reloop Mixage Asio Driver Download

while a multi-channel sound card has been built into this mixage, a virtual audio channel is not included, although you can obviously link in additional usb audio interfaces. this is also available separately for 175. lastly, the mixer is battery powered - an essential for djs who want to move their system or their crossfade between gigs.

reloop is actively supporting the mixage, with software upgrades announced every month. the website has a very good online demo where you can see the mixer in action. this is good to website also lets you download cd burning software so you can create your own demos of the songs on your cd.

the mixage is a very good mixer for the starter dj on a budget. this is my favourite two-deck controller because of the way it handles beats. it doesnt have many expensive features, but still feels more like a full-featured controller than most mixers. reloop have filled it with switches, buttons and sliders that are easy to use. it handles most of your djing requirements and is well made.

whether you want a solid, simple mixer at a bargain price, or a little more in the way of features, the reloop mixage is the ticket. reloop have removed one of the dangers of multi-channel mixers and turned it into a useful and professional tool. this is a very good buy.


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