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Muqabla Hai Pyar Ka Mp3 Song 12

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muqabla hai pyar ka mp3 song 12

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Description : Muqabla (Bailaras) mp3 song download by Ranjit Bawa in album Muqabla (Bailaras). The song Muqabla (Bailaras) is Lyrics by Charan Likhari Music by Jatinder Shah Label White Hill Music. Muqabla (Bailaras) Ranjit Bawa mp3 song belongs to Single Track and Muqabla (Bailaras) release on Sep 28, 2017. Muqabla (Bailaras) song playtime is 3:12 minute

Oh jag nu vakhauna aaj haq jit keManzilan nu mith keMaila daag lagan na dena pith teZor sehna hiq te,Vekhi kite tenu koyi thedda maarkaDeg je na laagla,Oh tera ajj pe gaya aeDaadeyan de naal tagda mukabla -x3.Oh maalak madaana de vi aa gaye soormeJina khaade churmeOh teri hje manzil hai badi door veTu ponchna jaroor veOh tur ke musibata ton adh vich jaa keBaith ji na paagla,O tera ajj pe gaya aeDadeyan de nal tagda muqabla -x3.Oh tapp ja padoleUchi maar shaal tu poore zor naal tuOh sameyan de naalo pehlan challi chaal tuDewi aggan baal tu,Ho vairiyan virodhiyan da hadh vicho doorKarde tabaadla,Oh tera ajj pe gaya aeDaadeyan de naal tagda mukabla -x3.Oh dukhan wali bedi tod de gulama oyePe na jaan shama oyeKare jag jit de nu parnama oyeDeve na oh lama oye,Langh je na tenu charan pashaad keOye koi maa da ladla,O tera ajj pe gaya aeDadeyan de nal tagda muqabla -x3.

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Happy Birthday, A R Rahman, the living musical prodigy! Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman celebrates his 56th birthday with over 250 soundtracks for global films. The Mozart of Madras has been producing original songs yearly, each making it to the top of the list. On this particular occasion, let us look at some of his most memorable songs from all three decades to cherish and enjoy.

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There are hundreds of A R Rahman songs, and we only handpicked a few. However, this musical genius is yet to give us more thrilling songs in the years to come. That said, we wish you once again a Happy Birthday A R Rahman! 350c69d7ab


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