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Saajan: A Review of the 1991 Hindi Romantic Drama Film

Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub: A Classic Bollywood Romance Movie

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you must have heard of Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub. It is one of the most popular and successful romantic movies of the 1990s, starring Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, from its plot summary to its analysis and why you should watch it.



What is Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub?

Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub is a file name that contains the movie Saajan in high-definition quality with Hindi audio and subtitles. Saajan is a Hindi word that means "beloved" or "lover". The movie was released in 1991 and directed by Lawrence D'Souza. It was produced by Sudhakar Bokade and written by Reema Rakesh Nath.

Why is it a classic Bollywood romance movie?

Saajan is considered a classic Bollywood romance movie because it has all the elements that make a good love story: drama, comedy, music, emotion and tragedy. It also has a star-studded cast that delivers memorable performances and chemistry. The movie was a huge hit at the box office and became the highest-grossing film of 1991 in India. It also received critical acclaim and won several awards, including four Filmfare Awards for Best Film, Best Actor (Sanjay Dutt), Best Actress (Madhuri Dixit) and Best Music Director (Nadeem-Shravan).

Plot summary

The main characters

The movie revolves around three main characters: Aman Verma (Sanjay Dutt), Sagar (Salman Khan) and Pooja Saxena (Madhuri Dixit). Aman is a wealthy and successful poet who writes under the pen name Sagar. He is also physically disabled due to an accident in his childhood that left him with a limp. Sagar is Aman's best friend since childhood and also his manager. He is a carefree and cheerful person who loves Aman like a brother. Pooja is a beautiful and talented singer who admires Sagar's poems and falls in love with him.

The love triangle

The movie follows the love triangle between Aman, Sagar and Pooja. Aman meets Pooja at a college function where she sings one of his poems. He is instantly attracted to her but hesitates to express his feelings due to his inferiority complex. He asks Sagar to help him woo Pooja by writing letters to her on his behalf. Sagar agrees to do so but soon realizes that he too has fallen in love with Pooja. He decides to sacrifice his love for Aman's happiness and pretends to be Sagar, the poet, when he meets Pooja.

The twist and the climax

The movie takes a dramatic turn when Aman finds out that Sagar has been lying to him and Pooja about his identity. He feels betrayed by his best friend and confronts him angrily. He also reveals his true feelings to Pooja and asks her to choose between him and Sagar. Pooja is shocked and confused by this revelation and does not know whom to choose. She loves both Aman and Sagar for different reasons but does not want to hurt either of them.

The movie ends with a tragic climax where Aman decides to end his life by jumping off a cliff. He leaves behind a letter for Pooja where he confesses his love for her and asks her to marry Sagar. He also apologizes to Sagar for doubting his friendship and requests him to take care of Pooja. Sagar arrives at the scene just in time to stop Aman from jumping but fails to do so. He catches Aman's hand but loses his grip as Aman slips away from him.

Aman falls down the cliff but survives miraculously with minor injuries. He is taken to the hospital where he recovers from his suicide attempt. He realizes that he was wrong to take such an extreme step and decides to let go of Pooja for her happiness. He reunites with Sagar and forgives him for his deception. He also gives his blessings to Pooja and Sagar to get married.


The themes and messages

The movie explores various themes and messages related to love, friendship, sacrifice, disability, self-esteem and destiny. It shows how love can be both beautiful and painful, how friendship can be both loyal and deceitful, how sacrifice can be both noble and foolish, how disability can be both a curse and a blessing, how self-esteem can be both low and high, and how destiny can be both cruel and kind.

The movie also conveys some important lessons for the viewers, such as:

  • Love is not about appearance but about inner beauty.

  • Friendship is not about convenience but about commitment.

  • Sacrifice is not about giving up but about giving more.

  • Disability is not about limitation but about potential.

  • Self-esteem is not about comparison but about confidence.

  • Destiny is not about fate but about choice.

The music and songs

The movie has a brilliant soundtrack composed by Nadeem-Shravan, one of the most successful music directors of Bollywood in the 1990s. The songs are written by Sameer Anjaan, who also won the Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist for this movie.

The songs are catchy, melodious, romantic and emotional, reflecting the mood and tone of the movie perfectly. Some of the most popular songs from the movie are:

  • "Dekha Hai Pehli Baar", sung by Alka Yagnik and S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, which expresses the first sight love between Pooja and Sagar.

  • "Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai", sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik, which depicts the dilemma of Sagar who loves Pooja but cannot tell her.

  • "Bahut Pyar Karte Hai", sung by Anuradha Paudwal (female version) and S.P.Balasubrahmanyam (male version), which portrays the intense love of Pooja for Sagar.

  • "Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai", sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, which showcases the eagerness of Aman to meet Pooja.

  • "Jiye To Jiye Kaise", sung by Kumar Sanu (male version), Anuradha Paudwal (female version) and S.P.Balasubrahmanyam (sad version), which reflects the pain of separation of Aman, Pooja and Sagar respectively.

  • "Tu Shayar Hai", sung by Alka Yagnik, which praises the poetic talent of Aman as Sagar.

The performances and awards

The movie boasts of some stellar performances by its lead actors as well as supporting cast members such as Laxmikant Berde, Kader Khan, Reema Lagoo, Anjana Mumtaz and Ekta Sohini.

strength and vulnerability, his passion and pain, his pride and guilt. He also shows his versatility by switching between the roles of a poet and a businessman, a lover and a friend, a hero and a victim. Salman Khan plays the role of Sagar with charm and charisma, bringing out his fun-loving and caring personality as well as his inner conflict and turmoil. He also displays his chemistry with both Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt, making the love triangle believable and engaging. Madhuri Dixit shines as Pooja Saxena, the beautiful and talented singer who is torn between two men who love her. She expresses her emotions with grace and elegance, captivating the audience with her smile and eyes. She also showcases her dancing skills in some of the songs, especially "Tu Shayar Hai". The movie won several awards and nominations for its performances, including: - Filmfare Award for Best Actor: Sanjay Dutt - Filmfare Award for Best Actress: Madhuri Dixit - Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor: Salman Khan (nominated) - Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer: Alka Yagnik for "Tu Shayar Hai" (nominated) - Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam for "Bahut Pyar Karte Hai" (nominated) Conclusion

Why you should watch Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub

If you are looking for a classic Bollywood romance movie that will make you laugh, cry, sing and dance along with its characters, then you should watch Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub. It is a movie that will touch your heart and soul with its story, music and performances. It is a movie that will remind you of the power and beauty of love, friendship and sacrifice. It is a movie that will stay with you long after it ends.

Where to download or stream Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub

If you want to download or stream Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub, you can find it on various online platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and Zee5. You can also buy or rent it on DVD or Blu-ray from online or offline stores.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub:

  • What does the file name Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub mean?

The file name Saajan.1991.hindi.720p.dvdrip.x264.ac3.hon3y.epub means that the file contains the movie Saajan in 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) with Hindi audio and subtitles. The file format is DVDrip which means that it is ripped from a DVD source. The file codec is x264 which is a video compression standard that produces high-quality videos with low file size. The file audio codec is ac3 which is a surround sound audio format that supports up to six channels of sound. The file group name is hon3y which is a popular group that releases high-quality movies on the internet. The file extension is epub which is an e-book format that can be read on various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Who is the real Sagar in the movie?

The real Sagar in the movie is Aman Verma (Sanjay Dutt), who writes poems under the pen name Sagar. He uses this name to hide his identity and disability from the public. He also asks his best friend Sagar (Salman Khan) to pretend to be him when he meets Pooja (Madhuri Dixit), whom he loves.

  • What is the meaning of the song "Bahut Pyar Karte Hai"?

The meaning of the song "Bahut Pyar Karte Hai" is "We love you very much". It is a romantic song that expresses the love of Pooja for Sagar (whom she thinks is Aman). It also expresses the love of Sagar for Pooja (whom he cannot tell). The song has two versions: one sung by Anuradha Paudwal (female version) and one sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam (male version).

  • What is the significance of the rose in the movie?

The rose in the movie is a symbol of love and friendship between Aman, Sagar and Pooja. Aman gives a rose to Sagar when they are children to show his gratitude for saving his life from an accident. Sagar gives a rose to Pooja when they first meet to show his admiration for her singing. Pooja gives a rose to Aman when she finds out that he is Sagar to show her respect for his poetry.

  • How does the movie end?

The movie ends with Aman surviving his suicide attempt and reconciling with Sagar and Pooja. He realizes that he was wrong to take such an extreme step and decides to let go of Pooja for her happiness. He reunites with Sagar and forgives him for his deception. He also gives his blessings to Pooja and Sagar to get married.

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