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Cake Games - Explore the World of Baking and Confectionery

The snack cakes are from before the war, so try not to think about how stale they are. But, considering Twinkies are infamously said to be able to survive an apocalypse, these little sweets seem like a fun real-life nod to the one food theorized to survive a nuclear war.

cake games

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The Fruitcake was really easy to customize to your needs in Breath of the Wild, too. Regular fruitcakes could be made with pretty much any fruit, but fruits that grant abilities will imbue the same power into your pastries, too. Energizing for stamina? Spicy for cold resistance? Chilly for the opposite? The powerful pastry possibilities were endless.

The number of Minecraft-themed cakes I had to make during my tenure at the bakery where I worked was ridiculous, but only once was I asked to make a cake that actually looked like the one from the game. In Minecraft itself, cake can serve many purposes: yeah, you can eat it, but stick a candle on it first, and you can even use it as a light, too.

After writing for more than two decades and playing RPGs and simulation games since the N64's heyday, Gabrielle loves having married two of her passions here at TheGamer. Outside of work, she's also a big fan of baking, bass guitar, anime, and jokes so unfunny that they're sort of hilarious.

Free Cake Games Online: Hello, girls! Do you love delicious cakes? Do you want to make a beautiful and tasty cake by yourself? We have many fun Cake Games that you can play free online, such as Birthday Cake Chef, Princess Wedding Cake, and more. If you love chocolate cake or strawberry cake, even ice cream cake, we have a game for you. In these games, you can help and create the cake for special occasions - Wedding, Birthday party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. From preparing the ingredients and baking the cake to the final decoration, all the decision is up to you! Now show off your cooking skills and try your best to become a cake master. Have fun!

Outside of that, I have no complaints. I don't even like puzzle games most of the time but this one is alright and honestly reminds me of Mai-chan's Sweet Buns in terms of both gameplay and the theme being baked goods.

Yeah, the picture is of a pie, you caught me. In my defense, there is only one word for cakes and pies in my native language, so the difference was always a little bit confusing. Glad you liked the game itself, though!

480 for best single cake, crazy luck with getting the right ingredients. It was on one of the first few levels, the total score for the round was low 500. Best single round was low 700, cakes averaging over a hundred. The last round of that 700 something was terrible, the ingredients that came up were the worst!

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