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Jameson Brown
Jameson Brown

On Feminine Sexuality, The Limits Of Love And K...

Jacqueline Rose's reading of Freud's famous case study 'Dora' from Sexuality in the Field of Vision remains one of the most important interventions not only in the interpretation of that case and its place within Freud's theory but also of the relation between psychoanalysis and feminism. In this excerpt, Rose argues that the case is fundamental for understanding Freud's theory of sexuality, later developed in Three Studies on the Theory of Sexuality and beyond. She shows that the problem of feminity per se structures what Freud himself is able to comprehend about Dora's case. In the process of her reading, Rose thus turns a feminist psychoanalysis back on Freud's own theory, showing how the feminine and its representation becomes a dialectical limit to psychoanalysis as a whole.

On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and K...




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