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Everett Rodriguez
Everett Rodriguez

Nandri Urai In Tamil Pdf 13

As everybody know Tamil is a classical language. But is it true that it is mother of all dravidian languages. I hav read in one of ur article givin reference to evolution of kannada frm tamil. But in one article i read only malayalam is an offshoot of tamil. Can u give your opinion over this.

Nandri Urai In Tamil Pdf 13

I have one question regarding your comments in the Kamba Ramayanam page. You say that Tamils (you refer to Tamils of the 3rd Cen BC to early 4AD, i.e Sangam Tamils, I presume) practiced Maram. Do you mean to say that all tamils of that era practiced Maram exclusively. What about Aram? Was it only reserved for Brahmins who migrated into Tamil country from North?Can you kindly provide your sources for the above inferences? Thanks.

*அகரமற்ற-தல் akaram-ēṟṟu-, v. intr. -bin/philologic/

My Q is very basic in comparison to others posted here. As i didnt concentrate on Tamil during my school days and post that I didnt study tamil at all, my reading/writing of Tamil is very poor. I sincerely want to improve myself in this area. Could you please advice how can I start on that. May be if you can suggest some book, it will be helpful.

an old tamil song says the man do not have any gray hair. his teeth are in full form,his eye sight is good .All these are because he have cooperative wife what litratuer have thia son please give th full song

God gifted me a babyboy on Jan 4, and i would like to keep tamil name. Need Li, lu, le, lo, so, sow. I referred many names but not yet satisfied. So pls suggest me some names, want some stylish, easy to pronounce by people, meaningful. Can u my friend

It would also help if you tell us how our tamil leaders and makkal used these flowers in terms of their life? for eg: I read that the king and the soldiers will wear a VAAGAI malar Kreedom if they won a battle.

Hi Vairam.. Im a cinematographer planning to make a music short. / video.. depictin a gal in ancient tamil literature.. is there any images we can find. online. or in books.. or wat kind of concepts we can go about girl/women n those days..

Thiru vairam avargale,ayya enakku namathu aymperum kappiyangalai thelivana urainadaiyodu padikka vendum enru oru aaval. ovoru kappiyathayum nandraka vilakiyulla ovoru nalla noolasiriyar peyaraiyum kuripittal mikka uthaviyaga irrukum.

Currently am working on Visual(pictorial and pattern) Poetry (Chitra kavi), I am searching tamil chitra kavi, can you please help me through some materials and poems? I am looking forward your answer. Thank you

When i was searching for tamil words i came across your blog and it is impressive.I am in the process of naming a company and i would like to name it with some meaning behind it.First Thought is that it should indicate something like banyan tree, Say it will be strong and it will help others to grow and have a long life.Second thought it should be very much related to nature.


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