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App Pier 1.3

The Coastal Area Facilities Review Act (CAFRA) permit allows the pier's owners to rebuild a 225-foot by 266-foot section of the iconic structure that was badly damaged during superstorm Sandy, DEP spokesman Larry Hajna said. The Sky Ride would be relocated 160 feet to the north of its current location, he said.

App Pier 1.3

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The agency has not yet issued a decision on Seaside Heights' application to swap 1.3 acres of public beach on the north side of the pier for properties owned by pier owners the Storino family, as well as the historic Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Denzel/Loof Carousel.

Seaside Heights Borough Attorney George R. Gilmore said the CAFRA permit allows for pilings and a foundation for the rebuilt pier to be installed. He said borough officials hope the DEP will make a decision shortly on the land swap proposal, which has been strongly supported by many in Seaside's business community but panned by some residents, who said the borough should not give up any part of its beach.

"If we're going to get the pier built by next summer, which is crucial to everybody, it has to start soon," Gilmore said. The Storinos have indicated they do not want to rebuild the pier as far out into the ocean as it was before superstorm Sandy destroyed a portion of the structure. They would rather rebuild on the beachfront land if the swap is approved.

If the land swap proposal is approved, the pier would be extended to the north, onto the portion of beach the Storinos would acquire from the borough. Gilmore said if the swap is approved, the Storinos plan to spend millions to install rides, such as a Ferris wheel and roller coaster, on the new portion of the pier.

The borough's tourism industry has struggled to recover from two momentous events: superstorm Sandy, which destroyed part of Casino Pier in 2012, dumping the Jet Star roller coaster into the ocean, and a boardwalk fire in September 2013 that destroyed Funtown Pier in neighboring Seaside Park. Funtown Pier's owner, William Major, is operating a dune buggy ride on the beach area where the pier once stood.


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