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Peter Kazakov
Peter Kazakov

Where to Find Mizo Kristian Hla Bu PDF Online for Free or Cheap

once the emulators are installed and downloaded on your pc, you can now proceed to download the kristian hla bu application on your pc. both the emulators will have a link given to you by them for the download of the application on your pc.

mizo kristian hla bu pdf download

the application supports all the most used features in the application. it lets you do voice recognition to select the song with the help of your voice and can be played in your preferred mode i.e. tonic sol-fa or voice recognition. so this is pretty much the end of this article on kristian hla bu for pc.

  • features of mizo study bible: list of concordance passages in the body of the bible

  • several maps and charts

  • themes for the whole bible

  • new testament index of passages and topics

  • bibliography

  • study notes

  • table of contents

  • grammatical and lexical notes

  • parallel passages

  • english and mizo translations of the same passages

  • bible verse index

  • index of scripture truths

  • index of greek words

  • index of hebrew words

  • index of other important words

the mizoram bible society published mizo bible in 1995 and mizo study bible in 2009. the mizo bible society (mbs) is a christian organization that works towards translating the bible into mizo language.

"the mizo bible (cl) is a translation of the bible based on the king james version (kjv) and the revised standard version (rsv) versions. it contains an abridged version of the original bible text. the mizo bible is a christian's bible for all times and places. it has been translated keeping in view the needs of our mizo-speaking brethren, and the interpretation of the bible which is easy to understand and comprehend by every mizo. so, the bible is not only a study tool for the church, but also a means of communication with the mizo people."


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