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Jameson Brown
Jameson Brown

Brandi Carlile The Story Torrent \/\/FREE\\\\

The building then shuffled through various secular personalities, including a roller-skating rink, playhouse, and VFW hall. In the 1950s, The Newmarket Heel Factory inhabited the building, helping to secure Newmarket as a bustling mill town centered on the manufacture of shoes. In 1968 the building was ravaged by a fire. Visitors can still see evidence of this event in the charred beams of the main room and up in the Ballroom. The firefighters were reluctant to break the cut-glass windows of the church to vent the fire, much to the dismay of the Fire Chief. The story goes that the firefighters sent a torrent of heels out the front door, down the Zion Hill, and into the Lamprey River with the forceful flow of water from their hoses!

Brandi Carlile The Story Torrent


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