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Ilya Drozdov
Ilya Drozdov

Telugu Movie 100 Love Dubbed In Hindi

what disturbs me, apart from the fact that if at all you remake a telugu film, it has to be an actual telugu film in order for it to be deemed worthy of a remade. wasnt jawhar sait too much a tamil remake?

Telugu Movie 100 Love Dubbed In Hindi

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what a complete and utter waste of time and money it was to make a film with so much drama and suspense that you would be sure not to leave the theatre after seeing it. and what did they do after that? they made another version of the first and that one was called yeh jawaani hai deewani. i really hope they all go to hell.

first, its more realistic to watch and relate to maro charitra than oosaravelli. i love the actors in oosaravelli. all of them have acted in more than 60 movies, and they all had their time in the limelight of the movie industry. but in maro charitra, the actors are just ordinary people. hence, the performances are much better than the high-profile grand actors of oosaravelli.

the movie starts and its very slow paced. we get no hints of what the movie is about, or whether it is going to end with a happy note or a sad one. the first scene that i loved was the scene where munna is doing his duties at the temple. it was the only scene that did not have subtitles.

amid a lot of struggles, our protagonist at the end of the film realizes the sense of being an individual and his power to make his own way in life. the values which he finally settles for are steadfast and a world away from the materialistic values that got him through his youth.

when it comes to telugu films, the most successful actors are the ones who use all their experience to their advantage and capture the audience using their charisma. while more than a few actors from south india have found commercial success in bollywood, there are some who are still on top of their game


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